We are based out of Billings Montana and specialize in Fish Taxidermy. Fish Taxidermy is the most difficult field in today's taxidermy world. As a taxidermist you can not hide behind hair or feathers, the fish is there for everyone to see.

My mission is to create an accurate piece of work and create a unique look for each mount. I believe the most important part to anyone's mount is painting the fine details. Anyone can paint the base colors, but what separates a great fish taxidermist from the rest is taking the time to stand back and look. "Does this fish look good". Most taxidermist are happiest getting the product out the door as fast as possible. Time and more time is what makes great fish work. I will have more photos in the gallery within the next 6 months. Put my site in your favorites for quick access in the future. Thanks for reading and taking the time to review my site, call me for advice or work to be created!
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